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Welcome to the official website of The Men With Pens. We hope you will enjoy your visit. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

Here are the writers who make up The Men With Pens.


I am a founder member of the group, I only started writing at the age of 46. I particulary enjoy writing poetry and short stories drawing from my past experiences.

Joe Higgins

I love writing and the group has given me a platform to get my stuff published and read in the community.

Hans Callison

Joined the group in January 2006. My writing has improved,I enjoy the challenge of creating poetry and short stories prose.

Rab Higgins

I am a founder member of the group. I have developed as a writer and poet over the years and have had my work published. I enjoy working with the other group members and have been able to explore new writing techniques.

Iain Johnston

I enjoy writing and using my imagination writing stories of the past present and future I have been involved with men with pens for the last five years.